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Craft × Tech Tohoku Project 2024 Exhibition

Craft x Tech Tohoku Project 2024 Exhibition

Craft × Tech Tohoku Project 2024 Exhibitionのキービジュアル

Artist Statement

落合陽一「ヌベルニ庵 / Null-Beni-An / Nouvelle Néant」

「ヌベルニ庵 / Null-Beni-An / Nouvelle Néant」は、計算機自然と伝統工芸の融合を体現した紅花染の置賜紬の茶室です。この茶室はテンセグリティ構造により柱がなく、中央に配置された天然木と四隅の紅花染の紐で、上下に接続されています。これは、ヌルの思想と計算機自然、そして伝統工芸の共鳴を象徴しています。



"ヌベルニ庵 / Null-Beni-An / Nouvelle Néant" is a tea room made of benibana-dyed Oitama tsumugi that embodies the fusion of digital nature and traditional crafts. This tea room has no pillars due to its tensegrity structure and is connected to the top and bottom by natural wood placed in the center and safflower-dyed strings in the four corners. This design symbolizes the resonance of the null philosophy, digital nature, and traditional craftsmanship.

This mobile tea room was created in collaboration with Nitta-san from Yamagata’s traditional crafts. Aiming to create a space that symbolizes the spirit of the land, history, and DIY culture, it centers on the principles of "Kusaki-to" and "All sentient beings possess Buddha-nature." It embodies the universal truth of classic Japanese philosophy that all life has Buddha-nature, making it a place that feels the breath of computational life.

The name "Null-Beni-An" incorporates the concepts of null, Nitta's "new," and benibana (safflower). It’s partly a pun. During the creation journey of this work, I felt that "extracting something and making it the essence of design" is merely a frame that cuts out a part of the tradition. When considering how to sublimate various breaths and connections of tradition into the work, I thought that the land’s philosophy could be depicted between the experiences, interactions, and tools unfolded as a tea room. Playing between meaningful space and physical space, I hope you can feel the modern version of "Xiaoyao You" here.

kudan house
5月24日 (金) 10:00 – 21:00
5月25日 (土) 10:00 – 15:00
特別協力:レクサス・インターナショナル / ハイケム株式会社 / 株式会社タカショー・デジテック / 東邦レオ株式会社 / 東京大学先端科学技術研究センター (先端アートデザイン分野)
協力:株式会社バルニバービ / シャンパーニュ・ボランジェ / 花泉酒造株式会社

落合作品設計:SUNAKI Inc.
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