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Yoichi Ochiai

Transformation of Scenery

Mixed Media


Transformation of Sceneryのキービジュアルのキービジュアル Transformation of Sceneryのキービジュアル

Transformation of Scenery

Yoichi Ochiai
Visual / Technical Assistant
Mayuna Omurai
Kazu Zamasu
Natsuki Matsunaga
Visual Design
Kotaro Tanaka
System / Sponsorship
Life is Style Inc.
tom mesic

This installation employs the context of space as a borrowed landscape, and by displaying digital images without mass, it highlights the materializing potential of space and continues to mediate between the image and the material world. With this installation, the artist explores the possibilities of images floating in space, expressing our innate craving for physicality and the division between the physical and the digital.


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