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Yoichi Ochiai

The New Japan Islands 2020 Cycles of Hyper Intuition

Mixed Media


The New Japan Islands 2020のキービジュアル The New Japan Islands 2020のキービジュアル

The New Japan Islands 2020 Cycles of Hyper Intuition

Executive Director
Yoichi Ochiai

ハイパー霊性 - 超感覚がめぐるところ Cycles of Hyper Intuition

 身体の内側、いわば深部感覚から「霊性」が立ち上がるとき、世界と身体のあいだに新たな世界がひらく。それは、この世界に存在するありとあらゆるものの質感および質量を超高解像度で受信したときにこそ惹起される、「Hyper Intuition(直観/超感覚)」と呼べるものだろう。その超感覚はまた、人の身体と脳を通じて、無自覚にも新たな崇高と美を生み出していく。
 そして今、常時デジタル情報と接続している私たちの身体は、デジタルと旧来の自然の融合した新たな「自然」の中にある。ネット上を行き交う無数のイメージや情報は、制御不可能な濁流となって私たちの身体に流れ込んでくる。そのとき立ち上がる「Hyper Intuition」とは何だろうか?それは、日々インターネット上で生まれるミームの中から発見されるのかもしれない。人智を超えた「デジタル自然」と、人為を超えた「超感覚」がクロスするとき、新たなバナキュラー的(土着の)創造が生まれていく。
 The New Japan Islands 2020では、日本古来の美意識である「霊性」とデジタル時代の感性とを融合し、新たな創造と美の哲学を訴えていく。

霊性のたゆたう場所 Field of Divine Nature


 その結晶たちを、人間の視覚の臨界を超えた3200万画素の8K映像で文字通り「体感」するとき、「見る」から「観る」へ――アナログとデジタルの境界を超えた、デジタル時代のHyper Intuitionが立ち上がる。自分がどこにいるのかわからない場所で、もう一度空間と質量への超感覚が復活していくのだ。

Main Concept - Cycles of Hyper Intuition
When you step into the abyss of the mountains, when you receive a spray from a sublime waterfall on your skin, you can feel something sacred, something beyond human intellect. In the past, people were in awe of the grandeur of nature and felt the uncontrollable time and space directly through their bodies.

When "spirituality" rises from within the body, from bathyesthesia so to speak, a new world opens up between the world and the body. This can be called "Hyper Intuition," which is evoked only by receiving every possible texture and mass in this world at ultra-high resolution. This super sense unconsciously creates new sublimity and beauty through the human body and brain.

And now, our bodies constantly connected to digital information, are situated in a new “nature” that combines digital and the original nature. The myriad images and information that travel on the internet flow into our bodies as uncontrollable turbulence. What is this "Hyper Intuition" that rises in this environment? It may be found in memes that are born on the internet every day. When "digital nature"—which transcends human wisdom—and “hyper sense”—which transcends human skills—cross, a new vernacular creation is born.

In The New Japan Islands 2020, the spirit of the ancient Japanese aesthetic "Reisei"—the ability to sense and express spiritual power from nature—will be fused with the sensibilities of the digital age, revealing a new philosophy of creation and beauty.

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Space Concept - Field of Divine Nature
A walk between reality and illusion. As you continue through the hazy room, you will see a variety of Japanese folk crafts projected in 8K video. These crafts, once created by unnamed predecessors, are crystals born from introspection and intuition towards the “beauty” embedded in materials, rooted in the local nature and transcends human subjectivity.

When you literally "feel" these crystals with 32 million pixel 8K video that exceeds the criticality of human vision, you will shift from "see" to "observe." In this digital age, Hyper Intuition can rise beyond the boundaries of analog and digital. In a place where you do not know where you are, the super sense of space and mass is revived.

Only in this place of spirituality are the seeds of future creation. The "beauty" of folk craft projected by 8K will bring out a resilient aesthetic sense which brings insights to us who live in the world beyond the binary conflict of technology versus tradition, and human versus nature.


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