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Yoichi Ochiai

Re-Digitalization of Waves

Mixed Media


Re-Digitalization of Wavesのキービジュアル Re-Digitalization of Wavesのキービジュアル

Re-Digitalization of Waves

落合陽一《Re-Digitalization of Waves》2022年/ Study:大阪関西国際芸術祭



Yoichi Ochiai is a media artist in Tokyo, exploring the boundaries of physical representation and digital forms towards Digital Nature.

This is a new series of works created for NFT from “Borrowed Scenery and Materialization of Waves,” a series of mirrored sculptures floating in the air created with a 3D printer in 2019.
These video installations are captured from his “materialized” artistic installation by using large bokeh old lens and digital camera. In this process, he re-digitalized “computationally generated physical sculptures” into motion visual NFTs. This collection represents reincarnation of digital and materialized forms, harmonizes the landscape of Digital Nature.
In other words a sculpture is created from 3D data, a digital work is generated from that sculpture, and a new two-dimensional work is created from that digital work. It is a circular work that cycles back and forth between the boundaries of digital and material, both in terms of the form of the artwork and its economy.
Captured Work: Yoichi Ochiai, “Borrowed Scenery and Materialized Waves”. (2019)
“Borrowed Scenery and Materialized Waves” is inspired from a Buddhist tool called a maniwheel in Tibetan Buddhism and “borrowed scenery” from Asian garden. As the maniwheel rotates in the landscape, it plays the words of prayer for reincarnation. A 3D printed mirrored sculpture floating in the air, cropping and rotating through the landscape, reminds us of the harmony and transformation of the human soul and the landscape.


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