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Pixie Dust

Yoichi Ochiai


「Pixie Dust」は超⾳波フェーズドアレイを⽤いた3次元⾳響浮遊技術です。 超音波で物体を浮かせることができることは従来から知られていましたが、その空間分布を制御することにより、浮かせた物体を自在に動かしたり従来とは異なる並び方で浮かせたりすることが可能です。


Three-dimensional sound suspension using supersonic phased array

“Pixie Dust” is a three-dimensional acoustic floating technology that uses a supersonic phased array. It has been known for a long time that objects can be floated by ultrasonic waves, but by controlling the spatial distribution of the objects, it is possible to freely move the floated objects or float them in a different arrangement from the conventional one.

Possible applications include lifting small parts individually without the use of robotic arms in the factory, or transporting drops of medicines or lotions to bottles. In addition, by arranging white particles in a plane, there is a possibility of application to entertainment and advertisement, such as installing a screen for image projection in the air.


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