Yoichi Ochiai


Mixed Media


silver floats silver floats

Borrowed Scenery and Materialized Waves

Created By:
Yoichi Ochiai



Borrowed Scenery and Materialized Waves

Yoichi Ochiai is a champion of new materials and technologies. But the technologies he uses are varied and diverse—both analog and digital, old and new. In one of his works, a butterfly flaps its wings inside a soap bubble. In another, he uses sound as his material, playing with plasma to create holograms. For this exhibition, Ochiai presents a rotating sculpture suspended weightless in mid-air like some kind of magic trick. It is exactly this kind of work that has earned him a reputation as a modern-day magician.
Ochiai reminds us that gravity is the perennial enemy of artistic expression, yet matter tries to overcome it. He uses technology to manifest an invisible, non-gravitational energy, bringing together art and technology. When material meets technology, art is born.
The black carbon fiber cloth used in the background of this installation is also the result of advances in modern technology.

silver floats



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